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I've become rather unsatisfied with previous works of mine. Must be the perfecionist in me. Hate that.

Don't ever be a perfecionist.

Anyways. Hoping to get out some new and fresh designs as soon as I clear my hands with current works and matters.
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skittles713 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
*sigh* too late on my part>___>
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Give me a cookie and we're good.

Lol, just kidding. Ramadan Mubarak by the way. :hug:
skittles713 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
oh yeah it's today.

Well my family and I don't celebrate Ramadan(and considering my situation, I don't think I would be allowed to fast XD) but thank you:hug:.

You too;)
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Oh that's too bad.

Huggles for you anyway! :iconglomp2plz:
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
I second what Whitey said, I think all artists are required to have such feelings multiple times throughout their career. :P That aside, I completely feel your pain about being a perfectionist, it's often my downfall whilst creating anything, as well as while browsing through my older work, but hey, that's what scraps and delete buttons are for. ;) As always, can't wait to see what you put out for our viewing pleasure. :aww: Now that my internet isn't crapping out every other month, I can actually stick around to see what you post. xD; Anyway, don't be too hard on yourself, and best of luck with those 'works and matters'; you know how to reach me if you need me. :)

Hmm, I think I forgot something... Oh yeah!
:hug: :kiss: :heart:
:glomp: :huggle: I miss yoooouuuu! :huggle: :glomp:

PS: I really, really miss you; I wish I could poof over to Pakistan just to get a hug or something. D:
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Do I know you? You keep poppin' up everwhere.

I guess you're right. Makes it even more annoying, but like any other artist, gotta deal with it.

Lol, I don't know if I should class myself as extremely busy or extremely lazy xD I never seem to complete anything on time, but hopefully I should get my new works out soon....having said that, I think I most likely jinxed myself.

Glad you're internets much better. Really missed ya too. Feels just like yesterday I was terrorizing your home town with a pink dinos-...oh no wait that was in my dreams...yesterday...

Ahem. Anyways! How have you been doing though? How's your sis, mom and dad?

I wish I could pop over there in Arizona to give ya another hug. Hopefully that can happen next summer ;]

You better hit me back!
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
Whatever are you talking about? :innocent:

Yes, I've yet to find any other solution, other than simply dealing with it, as you said. xP Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that you're not the only one? xD;

Pfffft, haha, jinxed yourself, I've been doing that to myself all year. "Oh hey! I might actually finish this pic!" 3 months later, and it ends up in my scrap pile. :XD: You, on the other hand, are not a lazy person, I know you better. ;) You're probably just lacking inspiration or are busy with something you're not mentioning, so don't sweat not putting anything up; it's not like you can outclass me in that category, anyway. =P

Bwahaha, only you would dream of terrorizing a town with a pink dino, and only I would probably be laughing my ass off as you did so. :lol: Jokes aside, I'm glad my internet's all better too, 'cause I missed you buuuunches! :glomp:

Anyhoo, I've been doing alright, I guess. Totally dead, art-wise though, 'tis depressing. D: No matter what I draw, it comes out as rubbish, so I've just been lazing about before I start my online school courses. =\ Family's been doing well, er, as well as can be, given the circumstances, I guess. I'll have to note you about it or something, when I'm feeling more boring and depressing. xP Overall, though, we're all healthy and pretty happy, so that's all that matters. :) Jess is in high school now, and her school is uber crowded (like, 3500+students-on-the-first-day kinda crowded @_@), so it's kinda taxing her a bit.

Anyway, 'nuff about us, how's your family doing? Give them my best regards, I hope you guys are doing alright. :hug:

Ooh, yes, that would be fabulous, I'd die to hug you in person again. x) We shall have to discuss this later this/next year. :D For now, however, E-HUGS! *e-tackle-glomps* :glomp: :glomp: :glomp:

Haha, done, and done, m'lovely. ;P
:hug: :kiss: :heart:
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Gahhh, so sorry for the late reply. Some hectic stuff came up.

Ah another thing we have in common, aside from our destructive mental disorder (or was that just me? ...was pretty sure it was you). I always hate it when that happens. If it's not 'cuz I'm lazy then I suppose it is because of lack of inspiration, and considering how many projects I've never completed (or just remained as idea)...well dang, I need me a hell of a lot of inspiration.

Oh yeah I usually am busy with multiple things at once. Example, I was hopin by now I'd get to work on some personal pieces but then something suddenly eats the TBRS website and I had to get everythin back up all over again (perhaps you've heard, if you're keeping up with the site). Site's back online again but there is this other regular work I have as well. I don't think I've mentioned this to you before but a while ago I got recruited by a vBulletin modification team. Creating vB skins for them. My first design is already undergoing development. So, it's a regular job but one I'm happy to have :]

And then both of us would be arrested. Me for obvious reasons, not wearing a seatbelt (I can be such a rebel) and you for failing to mention I wasn't wearing one (you only care for youself, don't yo?). It's just like that quote.

"A friend is someone who bails you out of jail. A true friend is someone who would be sitting right beside you saying "Dang, we fudged up...why didn't you wear a seatbelt foo'?!"

Miss you too hun :icontardglompplz:

Ahh, I feel you art-wise. Oh so you've taken up online courses now? Nice. Lol, you can note me whenever you're little cruel failing-to-mention-I-wasn't-wearing-a-seatbelt heart desires. That's good to hear, gives the whole family my regards and hugs!

Oh she's started high school now? So she finally becomes a woman! Having gone through and survived the high school experience, allow me to offer her some advice.

The girls bathroom is your headquaters, also your enemies. You need the latest inside scoop, go to the bathroom. Always stay on all your teachers good side (I was the queen of this forte in highschool, so many perks, so many envious students). Stay out of the drama, 'cuz when you're in the drama...well, the drama will kill you, watch from the sidelines as they kill other people. Get to know everyone, like, EVERYONE. When you're the person who knows everyone, it comes with many advantages. Never succumb to the preassure, stab it with a knife.

Those are some starter tips as she's only just starting highschool. The real blood shed begins in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade.

If young Jessikan Airrunner stay strongs, she will prevail. The fork is with, seriously...tell her to keep a fork with her. She'll thank me for it latter.

Oh my family's doing great. Things in Pakistan are pretty insane right now but we're doing good, and will do :]


Updated version of hkl xP
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
No need to apologize, 'cause here I am apologizing for a late reply too. xD; Started online school, and had more internet troubles, so I've been busy. *sigh* :(

What are you asking me for? You think I'd walk around with a destructive mental disorder and actually be aware of it? =P

Haha, I can relate entirely to everything you just said there, except I'm mostly just lazy. x) Here, you need this more than I. *takes out inspirational part of brain and hands to Z*

Ohhh, yay! *happy dance* Congrats on the job, m'dear, I'm so happy for you! :heart: And I'm glad you've got a job doing something you enjoy too, that's fabulous. I hope that goes well for you, all my best wishes~
And yes, I had noticed what had happened to TBRS; I felt so bad that you had to go to all the trouble to fix it. D: Thanks so much for all your hard work on the site, it's really appreciated. :hug: What would we shippers do without you? :lol:

Oh, so they're installing seat belts on those new pink dino models, are they? Well, how was I to know?! *proceeds to rant while sitting in jail cell next to Z*
That quote is so us. x)

:icongwompplz: Yay! But I miss you more. =P

Haha, yep, and these courses are some of the most retarded things I've ever done in my life. xD; Half the worksheets and text pages are full of typos, formatting, and grammar issues, it's quite sad. :lol: It's time-consuming as Hell, though, and it's driving me even more crackers than I already was. D: Even so, it makes my free time to chat with you feel even more special and valuable. :XD: *clasps hands over cruel, failing-to-mention-you-wasn't-wearing-a-seatbelt heart* :heart:

Thanks for your hugs and regards, I'll be certain to pass them along; please do the same for your family from me~ :aww:

Yep, she's officially a 10th grade high school woman now. :XD: She's doing really well at it too; much better than I ever was in school (not that that's saying a lot :giggle:).

*takes notes to pass along to Jess*
Aw, screw it, I'll just print off the whole comment for her to reference at will. x)

*slips fork in young Jessikan Airruner's backpack*
*thumbs up* b(^-^)d

I'm so thankful your family is doing well despite the troubles your country is facing right now. When I saw news of the floods and such that had happened, I couldn't help but think of you and your family's well-being for the longest time; it's a huge relief to know you're all right. :hug: :hug: :hug:


:shakefist: Will I never catch up with all these plz icons?!
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Don't we just both suck? ^_^

Aw man now that must suck. When you have internet school and no internet!

Hmm, good question...makes your condition all the more dangerous.

Why thank you dearest! *places brain into* Hmm...feel so light all of the sudden.

Thank you. :]

Thankfully it wasn't such a hard fix. Thank God for backups.

Well, one thing you shippers could do is go on a african safary and be eaten by dinosaurs....that made no sense whatsoever but I tend not to.

I need to make a t-shirt out of that. Or at least a typography design. That would actually be insanely cool as I've been learning a lot about typo design recently. I'll put your goofy face in there too...Nah, that'll just ruin it. Lol j/k <3<3

Dang seriously? o.o They're probably just trying to adapt to internet speak.

$1cn3 V11 t@|k c4@Zii |1k3 +|-|A+.

Or they think internet users are stupid.

Lol but nah that's ridiculous. It is in fact extremely sad when learning material, in whatever means, show errors such as spelling mistakes and such. They teach us to spell right when they can't themselves. o.o

D' you're trying to kiss up to me aren't ya?

Please continue then.

Young Jessanana shall do well. I have faith. *places hand on shoulder* *leans in*-hang on wrong scene >.>

Thankfully the floods have died down so hopefully the proper recovery shall begin soon. ^^

:iconglomp2plz: :iconkissingplz: :iconbeatingheartplz:
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
Totally, we suck so fabulously~ ^-^

Yeah, tell me about it. ._. It's like, my worst nightmare come to life. :XD:

Dangerous, you say? Oh my. :O

You are most welcome deares- Hey, waitaminnit. That better not have been a wise-crack at me. :paranoid: Lol, jk. =P

Welcomes. :kiss:

Haha, thank God, indeed. I can only imagine how painstaking it would have been without one. x]

Hmm, I wonder if I could arrange that. :plotting: Bet you'd save on some bandwidth if some of us shippers were mysteriously eaten by dinosaurs, eh? :lol: And don't worry, I'm used to you being nonsensical, in fact, I come to anticipate it. ;P

*roffle* Oh man, that would be absolutely hilarious. :rofl: We could have matching shirts or something, with my goofy face all over 'em. xD They'd be the ugliest shirts ever, with the exception of your master design. :lol:
That's cool that you're learning typography design too, I've always thought those were so cool. :D I'll bet you're totally pwning at it too, amiright? 8D

Oh my God, I think I can actually read that. xD;
And I wouldn't put it past 'em to think we're stupid. :lol: Seriously though, this is the most retarded, sorry excuse for a schooling program I've ever seen, but it's my last shot at my high school degree, so I'm stuck with it. Blaaargh. D:

On another note, though, it's quite hilarious to be reading all this srs bzness stuff, like history and science, and then come across a run-on sentence, or a typo, or something. :giggle: :giggle:

*continues kissing up, and up, and up*
Mwah! :kiss: Mwah! :kiss: Mwah! :kiss:

O-o; Yikes, I should think so. :laughing: Is that a cut, then, oh director? x)

Ah, thank goodness, I'm so glad to hear that. I hope your country will make a swift recovery. :)

:iconglomp2plz: :iconkissingplz: :iconbeatingheartplz:
WhiteRaven4 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Do not worry, CraZy, this feeling you're experiencing is the curse of the artist. It is common for artists to look back on past work and think it sucks. However, as others will inform you, it does not. All your work is amazing!
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Glad you thinks so ^^ and yeah I guess you're right. Appropriately titled; curse of the artist...since it's a curse, like all curses...we're gonna be turned into anything like...hamsters or...table lamps? >.>
WhiteRaven4 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Student Digital Artist
No, this curse is far worse. If one gives in to the dreaded curse of the artist horrible things will happen. You shall begin to have less and less fun every time you create, your self-esteem will plummet, making art blocks more frequent then they already are! Then the lights will flicker on and off, the phone will ring, and nobody will be there! A ghostly bus will appear at your house, and a hooded man with a spatula for a hand will approach! AND THEN--the most horrible part of all...You...turn!!!
craZy18gurl Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
....oh Whitey! You're so silly! Nyahaha..haha...ha...*sigh*...why do I even bother... I don't what to do anymore-eh what's up with the light? Oh, phone call...hello? ...hello? ...hello!...HELLLLOOO?? HE-huh? What the-something just crashed into my house! What is it-wait is that a spatula?.....*picks up razor blade* *locks self in closet*
WhiteRaven4 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
CraZy! No! NO! *falls to knees and raises hands to the sky* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(LMAO :XD: )
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